Posted on June 6, 2018 at 1:21 pm

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Must Have Skills for an Aspiring Journalist/ PR Executive

     Must-Have Skills for an Aspiring Journalist/ PR Executive

To be a journalist or a career PR, you must be an all-around person; it requires more than a college degree. These two a few highly demanding professions that require thorough continuous equipping on skills that would make you stand out. The following are the essential skills that you must have to be successful.

  1.    Communication skills

Being an excellent communicator does not necessarily mean being able to speak confidently and articulately, it also requires one to be a good listener. You may not have studied English or any other foreign language, but you have an excellent knack for laying down issues.  There are subtle nuances in language that come with someone’s background and culture, and therefore you should be able to pick such in every communication. According to the men’s group, sometimes, some communicators will be annoying, and therefore you must have the patience and the ability to appreciate other people’s priorities and pressures.

  1.    Writing skills

Often, you will be required to communicate in the written form, and therefore a good writing background and training will enable you to hit the ground running. Whether a magazine, a press release, guest article. It also involves proofreading other people’s work, and therefore you must be flexible, you should also be someone who gives attention to details.

  1.    A global mindset

As a journalist or a PR, you will not only be communicating with the locals but a range of audiences from all over the world. Therefore, you must possess skills that cut across, training in a foreign language, foreign policy; cultural orientations of different people across the globe are some of the nuggets you must own if you are to crack it. Research has indicated that many organizations primarily in the UK do not have budgets for employing full-time professionals but will hire remotely to produce content on their blogs and websites. Therefore, having a grasp of other languages is a plus to your career as a journalist.


  1.    Creativity

This is not something you learn in school but comes naturally through continuous practice and exposure. Whether in writing, speaking or any other means of communication, you must be in a position to present ideas and concepts in the most exciting way possible. As a PR professional, you will be required to come up with new ways of improving the business and growing the clientele. This calls for high levels of innovation so that you attract rather uninterested customers. You will be responsible for keeping the customers by continually engaging them and developing new approaches to business.

  1.   MS Excel skills

The use of simple MS excel spreadsheets will help you plan your activities in the order of priority and not mix issues. With a torrent of work coming every time, you will need to have a schedule of what needs to be done and when. Give sufficient time for every task and in the order of priority. Excel Mod Function will also help you when you are sorting and filtering your data.

A PR person or a journalist in the face of the organization. These people give customers, prospects, and the public a picture of the organization. A perfect presentation would lead to more sales/ conversions and therefore growth in revenues and market share.

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