Posted on June 6, 2018 at 1:36 pm

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EXCLUSIVE | Ritesh Shah: I Am Willing To Be The Spot Boy Also For A Film

Team UrbanAsian caught up with screenwriter Ritesh Shah. The Filmfare award winner has written the screenplay and dialogues for films like Kahaani, Pink, Airlift and Raid.

During this exclusive chat with us, Ritesh opened up about writers and content in Bollywood, him acting in movies and more. Read on to know it all.

Here’s what Ritesh Shah said during our email interview:

1) Do you think writers in Bollywood are underrated?
Not behind closed doors. Good writers are discussed and desired for projects. Fees has also improved. Now there is public praise also from some very secure actors, producers and directors. Others are either ignorant of their contribution to a film or are too aware and therefore tend to underplay it.

2) Do you feel the tables are turning now when it comes to screenwriters?
Yes, there has been a rise of interest in the craft of screenwriting both from the general people and the industry. There is also a law protecting their royalty although practical implications are yet to be seen. If media and filmgoers were to take even more interest in these content creators the tables would turn a bit more.

3) You’ve done a cameo in PINK. Are you interested in taking more acting projects?
Not as a career move. But if nobody is willing to do a small part in a film which must be made I will do it. Not only if the script is mine but for others too. I am willing to be the spot boy also for a film which deserves to be made.

4) As the digital space is booming, do you plan on writing for web series?
I am already in the process of writing one.

5) What are your upcoming projects?
Currently Namastey England and Arjun Patiala are being shot and Batla House starts in September. My other releases this year apart from Namastey and Arjun will be Junglee and Love Sonia.

We wish you luck for your upcoming releases Ritesh Shah.

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