Posted on July 29, 2017 at 3:53 am

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Interview: Vishesh Bhatt talks Digital Content and Amazon Content Deal!

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Vishesh Bhatt studied film-making at the Tisch School of Arts, NYU & USC. Currently at age 32, he heads strategy, content development, creatives, marketing, and is responsible for all digital initiatives (including one of the first and largest online partnerships with Amazon) at Vishesh Films. We spoke to Vishesh Bhatt during IIFA weekend and asked him about how it felt to complete 30 years of Bollywood movie making and venturing into more content driven films. He tells about how India is now driving more towards digital content films for the millennial market today. Today times have changed with the digital world more consumers are wanting stories at the tip of their fingers.

In his capacity as writer, filmmaker and producer, Vishesh has created several blockbuster franchises with fresh talent. At the age of 21, he wrote and produced “Jannat”, the first film on the dark side of India’s most revered sport, cricket, which went on to become a huge blockbuster and a big franchise. He also directed for the super hit franchise Murder at age 27, which was selected for several local awards and the Shanghai Film Festival. He was recently invited to Harvard Business School to speak on the changing landscape of Bollywood & Bollywood beyond India.

Check out our chat with Vishesh Bhatt and what he had to say about the Digital World of Film and Entertainment.



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