Posted on July 24, 2017 at 1:58 pm

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Game of Thrones Madness

The brand new episode of Game Of Thrones came out last week and no one can stop talking about it. Here are what our favourite telly actors feel about the series and how they dodge spoilers.

Mohammad Nazim: Talking about Game of Thrones is a very big possibility. There are times when it’s tough to follow the series because of a hectic schedule. But I try to avoid the spoilers as much as I can. I still remember once I was talking about an episode on the set and I accidentally ended up telling everyone who is going to die next and everyone got really mad!

Divyajyotee Sharma: I started watching the series after my kids told me about it and I found it really interesting. I am not really scared of spoilers; I will probably watch the show on Hotstar or something. The important thing is what is going to happen next in the show! One of my friends has just started watching the show and I give away so many spoilers. She actually felt like John Snow, she knows nothing!

Ankit Gera: I’m a big GOT fan. I try to watch it as soon as it airs to avoid spoilers. But I am almost never successful! All my friends are very regular! So I have always got to know some details before I get a chance to watch it! The worst is when I get to know who is going to die next and that is the tradition of Game of Thrones!

Manish Wadhwa: I am not much of a Game of Thrones fan. But yes, I do know the story well because that is what everyone keeps talking about nowadays. It is the most trending topic. I am also well-versed with the show thanks to the spoilers that keep coming out. I know who have died and who will probably die in the coming episode! It is fun!

Hrishikesh Pandey: Game of Thrones is the new thing now. No one can shut up about it. That was the main reason I started following the series and I liked it and now I cannot stop. I have even subscribed to Prime to watch all the future episodes and I am really excited to watch the new season. Since Game of Thrones is the only topic people talk about these days, it is really difficult to avoid spoilers. Till now, I have managed to dodge them. Let’s hope I will be able to do the same in future!

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