Posted on July 24, 2017 at 1:07 pm

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5 films by Madhur Bhandarkar that shook the society

There are films which when made, are spoken about and these few films leave an impression in a way which makes one question things happening around us. One such director is Madhur Bhandarkar who has given us a number of soul shaking films that have shown the dark side of the society.

Here are 5 films that are made by Madhur that speak of different aspects of life and the other end of it.

1. ‘Page 3’: It spoke about the two faced side of the manipulated media world. ‘Page 3’ takes a behind-the-scenes look at A-list celebrity lifestyles through the eyes of a female entertainment journalist. It explores the power-play between the rich and famous and the media. It is also the story of three girls trying to make a decent living in an indecent society.

2. ‘Heroine’: The film is based on the life a superstar heroine. It shows the reality behind the world of fame and glamour. It is a daring, shocking, glamorous, scandalous portrayal of cinema world. ‘Heroine’ will take audiences on a surprising journey to see what really goes on behind the closed doors of make-up rooms and vanity vans. It focuses on the secrets and the lies, highs of fame and the lonely depths of failure.

3. ‘Chandni Bar’: It has been made with an approach to do something different from the usual. The director Madhur Bhandarkar has succeeded in it by presenting the story of a woman who works in a Beer Bar. The film is thought- provoking and leaves one disturbed.

4. ‘Traffic Signal’: It is another slice-of-life with a touch of humor. ‘Traffic Signal’ highlights the fact that even basti-dwellers have their aspirations, not necessarily acceptable as the “right” priorities. With brilliant direction and screenplay, the climax takes the cake, creating an impact without fuss.

5. ‘Fashion’: It’s a story of the rise and fall and phoenix like re-birth of India’s number one Supermodel. It is set against the glittering backdrop of the highly glamorous but fiercely ruthless world of haute couture fashion. It’s the story of one small town girl with a dream and grit and determination to make it a reality.

With these power packed movies Madhur has set a benchmark of fine cinema in the Indian film industry. His upcoming film ‘Indu Sarkar’ promises the same. The film has been made to enlighten a set of audience about an important chapter of Independent India’s history, the trailer of the film was very well received by the audiences and on the other hand created a rage amongst a renowned political party of the nation i.e. Congress.

We are looking forward to it, are you?

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