Posted on May 9, 2017 at 6:07 am


TV Celebs Open Up On The Nirbhaya Verdict!

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In a harsh yet much applauded decision, the honorable Supreme Court has awarded death sentence to the four criminals in the Nirbhaya case. Earlier, we had spoken to a few popular TV actors what they thought about the guilty in the case and what punishments they deserve. This time, we spoke to a chosen few TV stars on whether this judgement is too late, and will it reduce the acts of crimes against women, this is what they had to say:



Ridheema Tiwari:

Yes, of course the verdict is very late as it has taken 5 long years. Still, what matters is that justice is finally done. I have a sense of belongingness with the family. I can feel the shudder in their hearts and the restlessness and sleeplessness her parents must have gone through. Good that now our law has finally given it back to the culprits. I feel the punishment should still get more brutal so that such criminal minds don’t even imagine such heinous crimes. I can’t very confidently say whether it will reduce such attacks. We still have a long way to reach that point. There are still such attacks every day and those criminals feel they can get away with it. Once the process of justice is made faster and more stringent, maybe such incidents will reduce. There shouldn’t be any remorse in punishing such pests. I hate when there are discussions on human rights, cruelty, torture with regards to these culprits as they deserve it.


Pooja Banerjee:

This verdict won’t make any difference. We have a long way to go, and our own judiciary needs to be upgraded. A lot of laws need to be altered so that we don’t have to wait almost 5 years for justice. We need strict action against criminals and also laws that will make even eve-teasing difficult.


Shashank Vyas:

A brutal incident happened, but after getting the proofs, this verdict is late. In this time span, many other rape cases happened in the country. Plus, if a person knows how to rape, how can the law states that he is minor? Just few months’ jail is not enough punishment for such people.



Dalljiet Kaur:

It is a verdict that brings hope to many people for justice. Like the judge himself said this crime cannot have any consideration for judgment and the extreme steps need to be taken. This crime has awakened the sentiments of everyone in the nation. While the judgment came after five long years, it has come in the favor of humanity. I don’t think any judgment could get back Nirbhaya, but I feel her respect is gained and.  Yet, the juvenile culprit should have got an equal verdict. He going untouched is not fair. I definitely feel that these sentences will scare all those inhuman culprits who are capable of such offense. Our judiciary needs to be strict to these offenses so as to lower the crime rate in our country.


Divayajyotee Sharma:

I am very happy about the Supreme Court decision. With it, people’s faith in our judiciary becomes strong. The lawyers who are contesting for these inhuman creeps should also be punished.  In fact, they should make a rule that any rapist, whosoever he is, should be beaten to his death naked and in public.


Megha Gupta:

Yes it is late, but better late than never. Of course, it will make the condition for women better. It’s sickening that beasts like these exist and continue to plague our society. Kudos to Nirbhaya’s family for not hiding her identity.


Vahbiz Dorabjee:

I think today I am very happy. Finally, justice has prevailed. I think that if they would have been this strict with all the other criminals before, then this crime wouldn’t have grown so much. Now criminals will be more hesitant to ever do this kind of a crime. Because I do feel if they are so fearless and grown to do such crimes, they are definitely grown up enough to face the consequences and they deserve every bit of the punishment. They need to understand that women are not objects and it doesn’t depend on what a woman wear. Even if a woman wears full clothes, it depends on a man’s mentality. I hope they continue this punishment for the men who treat women this way.


Ankit Gera:

I am from Delhi and it is really sad that justice took so long. Women’s safety, be it in Delhi or in any other city, is an issue of concern. Crime against women needs to be stopped. The punishment has to be severe so that an example is set.


Arjun Bijlani:

Strict action is very important. Rape criminals should be hanged. Nirbhaya case was an eye opener. Her life can never be compensated for. Strict action must be taken for such cases. We can’t sit for years for justice.

Vivian Dsena:

Justice delayed is equal to justice denied. The justice has really come in late. Law has to be practiced strictly and timely. The timing is very important. Example need to be set for justice. Women safety is a big national issue to be addressed. Nirbhaya case can never be forgotten, a life has gone after all.



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