Posted on April 19, 2017 at 12:03 am

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Telly Stars celebrate Bihu in Mumbai!

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Nothing feels like home till you are with your family and celebrating all the festivals and occasions. Every year, Assam and its diasporas celebrate one of the most important cultural festivals of India called “Bihu” which falls under the three days of 14,15,16 of April. These Bihu popular actress named Devoleena, Parineeta, Shamin, and Mahika organize Bihu events every year in their Mumbai homes with all of their family and friends. Check out what they have to say about this special celebration and their memories of it.

DEVOLEENA BHATTACHARYA: I remember the Bihu celebrations of shivsagar at Assam. The sick music, Bihu dance and the coconut sweets. I love pitha. Now in Mumbai, I keep a small Bihu party my mom makes Assamese food and sweet and my friends also perform Bihu dance with me on stick music. I am really crazy about Bihu dance.

SHAMIN MANNAN: Bihu has always been one of my favorite festivals, especially bohag Bihu which marks the beginning of a year in assam. I love shopping for the festival and used to be excited about shopping when was a kid. My mom makes all the yummy Bihu delicacies and even now she sends them for me all the way from assam. We buy new clothes and love the ladoos and pithas that my mom makes with my friends here in Mumbai. I really miss the beautiful sight of Bihu dance and the Bihu music being played all around the Dibrugarh at assam.

PARINEETA BORTHAKUR: I Miss Bihu, but I have a family get together at home as my parents are in town, my mother in law is making pitha, so with the full family around, it’s the Bihu-Bihu feel already at home. During Bihu, as a child in Duliajan, we used to get new clothes, we used to wait for Husori (A bunch of people comes to every house and dances Bihu, and blesses them in Bihu). We used to dance along with the Husori people. It was so much fun while talking about it, I am feeling nostalgic.

MAHIKA SHARMA: I just miss Bihu celebrations here in Mumbai. However, I celebrate it in Mumbai I make my friends dance Bihu with me playing Bihu songs. I really miss dressing like ‘asomiya suwali’ (Assamese girl) and really fond of pitha and coconut stuff. Bihu is really a great celebration at my hometown, Tinsukia. I really miss it.

We hope everyone had an amazing Bihu with all of their friends and family.

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