Posted on March 7, 2017 at 5:39 pm

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Vahbiz Dorabjee and Singer Preety get candid about "Nari Shakti"

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The Nirbhaya Nari Shakti Awards 2017, which has created waves with its inception, has inspired numerous women. The event which is to take place tomorrow (March 8th) at Mumbai’s Iskon Temple Auditorium will felicitate acid attack victims along with female celebrities who have been an outstanding asset to society.

Vahbiz Dorabjee, who has been part of shows such as Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaanii and Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant is one of the actresses to be felicitated at the event for her outstanding contribution to the field of acting. However, the actress feels that there are women more powerful than her that we should look up. In a humbling experience the actress shared,

“I am honored to be part of such an event. It is a good cause indeed. In today’s world where women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men, these brave acid attack victims are beyond expectation. Other would give up hope after what they have been through but these women stood firm. When i look at what they have faced, my problems look minuscule. I truly look up to these women.”

Preety of the singing sensation duo Preety-Pinkii will also be a part of the event. Speaking on the same she shares,

“Our heart reaches out to the women all over the world who have suffered and been a victim. But the fact remains that these women and girls are ‘Not Only’ very beautiful ‘But Also’ very strong and that makes them superior than anybody else. We are glad that International Human Rights Protection Bureau (‘IHRPB’) and Pankit Thakker has taken this initiative of celebrating Women’s Day with our sisters who have been victims to this evil act. We are very proud and feel honored to share few moments with them on same platform.”

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