Posted on March 21, 2017 at 5:37 pm

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Shardul Pandit returns to TV after six years in TV show Kuldeepak!

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It’s always exciting for an actor when he returns to the screen after a gap of a few years. And with actor and host Shardul Pandit, it’s even more so, considering he is returning to TV after a gap of 6 years as main lead in Kuldeepak on & TV. When asked about it, he said,

“I am returning to daily soaps after 6 long years. I was always hosting shows on 9xm , BCL (Box Cricket League) on Colors in the meantime, but in GEC Daily soaps, it has been a gap of 6 years now. You know sometimes they say it’s good to wait for the right role, and I a m glad I did.”

Talking about the role, Shardul says,

“This is the first lead role I am playing which is positive. My character name is Devang. I play a loving husband whose wife is everything to him. He is a total romantic more than anything. At the same time, he is a powerful yet loving son of the family. He is calm but assertive , romantic but graceful, soft yet strong and is very protective of his wife.”

His look in the show, too, is quite interesting. He shares,

“My look in the show is all about pastel crisp shirts, jackets and neat hair. I sport a little stubble to make me look authoritative yet smart. It’s very unlike me in real life. In fact, we worked a lot on the look because I was looking way young. We did a lot of discussions with the stylists and there were many late night shopping trips but finally, we are happy with the outcome.”

While Shardul loves to both host and act, he says he was a little apprehensive when it came to playing a young father considering he is quite young. He shares what made him changed his mind.

“I won’t lie, but like any actor, I did think about it for a day. Then I looked at my contemporaries and other senior actors, and they’ve all played dads and moms. In fact, the most successful names in the industry whom I respect a lot like Ronit Roy, Karan Patel, Divyanka Tripathi, all have played parents and still are loved by the masses and classes alike. At the end of the day, I am an actor. I played negative role in the past, so that doesn’t mean I was bad. The same way, now if I play a dad who is a romantic husband too people would accept me,As long as I manage to convince people and they accept me, I would play a pole, too!”

Lastly, the actor says he wishes to thank all the people who have helped him in his journey to fame. He says,

“I want to thank all the fans of Bandini and 9XM, who believed in me even when I was away from India and from TV. It’s their love that got me back to acting. Most importantly, I want to say a big thanks to Shobhna Desai ma’am and & TV for seeing Devang in me. I know it’s a very important show for them, so I am grateful they trusted me. Last but not the least,a lot of times I thought I might never be cast as a lead. But it was my sister Ruchita who had undying faith in me. Also, I want to thank industry friends like Mrunal, Roopal and Ankita who always saw a protagonist in me — I hope I live up to their expectations. This role is kind of a gift of Mahadev because I remember one day I was sad and and slept telling God ‘Are you gonna ever get me back to acting?’ and I woke up with the call of me getting selected for this show. So, I hope Mahadev blesses my new venture and I would request you all to tune in 7 PM on & TV 27th March onwards.”

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