Posted on March 9, 2017 at 9:53 am

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Ritika Arya Jain |When South Meets West Summer Collection 2017

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Designer Ritika Arya Jain brings a southern flavour in her summer collection christened as ‘When South Meets West’ and breaks the stereotype of just men wearing a Lungi.


Inspired from the Southern culture in which the designer has grown up, the Lungi is considered as comfort wear for men alone. This summer 2017, following current trends very closely, she has experimented with the lungi skirt for women in chiffon satins. The collection houses trendy zipper lungi skirts played with elegant drapes.


The colour palette is subtle with neutral shades of dull gold, silver grey, black, and abstract prints. These sexy yet comfortable lungi skirts is paired with signature cape tops in bright solids like red, hot pink, midnight blue, and ivories.


Check out the collection:

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