Posted on March 16, 2017 at 11:42 am

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EXCLUSIVE | Taapsee Pannu: More Than Physically Taxing, Naam Shabana Is Emotionally Taxing

When you are the central character in an action film,  stunts, kicks and blows are unavoidable. Actress Taapsee Pannu was well aware of this fact when she came on board ‘Naam Shabana’, after her character was much loved in ‘Baby’.


In an exclusive interview with Urban Asian, the pretty and strong actress spoke about her tryst with action for ‘Naam Shabana’:

My training started before ‘Baby’ and continued till the time ‘Naam Shabana’ happened. In fact, even during this film, I was being trained in martial arts… three types of martial art forms. This movie requires a lot of physical training ‘coz this is not just one action sequence (like in ‘Baby’) but many more.


Talking about how challenging these action sequences were, Taapsee said:

It’s not just about pulling off the kicks and punches, but also receiving the blows. Plus, when you’re doing action scenes, you are bound to get hurt as much as the other person or sometimes even more. It was physically very taxing to do all these stunts… but more than physically taxing, it was emotionally taxing, because I don’t identify with this character a bit. So, it became very difficult to play this girl with whom I don’t relate to at all on personal levels.


Despite the heavy duty action in this movie, Taapsee feels lucky to have not encountered any mishap while shooting ‘Naam Shabana’.

If I learnt 100 per cent, they used only 40 per cent; the remaining 60 per cent was only to build my strength to handle it. So, I was well trained to carry it off well without any issues.