Posted on January 13, 2017 at 5:22 pm

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Check out what TV stars love to eat during chilly winter days!

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With winter’s around, there is nothing more satisfying than eating piping hot snacks or sipping a nice warm drink and enjoying the weather. So this time, we appeal to the foodie side to these interesting TV actors to see how and what they’d indulge in on  a chilly winter evening.


Ssharaad Malhotraa: I love to eat a grilled vada pav with cold coffee. Trust me, the combination is simply amazing.

Shashank Vyas
Shashank Vyas: I often sip on a piping cup of hot cup of coffee and roasted, ground almonds. It’s healthy, stimulating and tasty.


Mohammed Nazim: I love to enjoy winter’s outdoors and going for midnight drives. I often go to the seashore and have roasted or boiled corn. They are a perfect midnight snack and very healthy for your diet.

Gunjan Utreja: Hot chocolate fudge is my all-time favorite. Especially when it is made by my sister, the wonderful chef, Kaveri Utreja. You don’t need a reason to have chocolate. So yes, I believe hot chocolate is a perfect combination with a chilly winter night.


Vivian Dsena: I love to have a nice hot cup ginger tea and a tasty, paneer sandwich. They both go nicely together.

Rashami Desai: I like to sip on a hot cup of coffee and have a spicy, green chutney sandwich. It’s actually kind of comfort food for me, and I would recommend to anyone to go for that on a cool, cozy winter evening.

Aniruddh Dave-6

Aniruddh Dave: On cool winter nights, I have a big glass full of hot milk with a lot of dry fruit it and eat dal kachori’s along with them. The combo is like heaven! It’s filling, healthy and yummy.


Ssudeep Sahir
Ssudeep Sahir: During my childhood I would go to Himachal for vacation with my family every year. And every road trip, our menu was fixed. We would eat homemade ‘aloo ke paranthe’ and ‘puri’s with aloo in it – like a roll. That’s something I would really crave for as it takes me back to those lovely childhood days.


Muskaan Mihani: My most favorite thing to eat on a cold, winter night is hot chocolate. It is tasty and fills you up with a delicious warm feeling inside!

Himanshoo Malhotra

Himmanshoo Malhotra: Ginger Tea with onion pakodas would be ideal combination.

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