Posted on November 14, 2016 at 10:48 pm


Television celebrities share their thoughts on Guru Nanak Jayanti!

Guru Nanak Jayanti, or the birthday of Sikh leader Guru Nanak was celebrated in India on November 14th. Here’s how some of your favorite celebrities planned to celebrate the day:


Anuj Sachdeva: The best way to celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti would be to imply Gurujis way of religion in our life. The religion that taught us truth, respect for others and high moral standards. We live in a world where everyone is out to get the other person. Let’s curb our inner demons and work towards building a unified and peaceful place.

Hunar Hali: I will wake up early morning and make kada prasad and do prayers. Will also do ardaas and take kada prasad to the gurudwara. During my childhood I have memories of packing prasad with mummy papa and cousins whole night. We used to make sweet milk as well and early in the morning. When prabhat pheri used to pass by outside of our house we used to distribute it to them.

Raman Handa: Being a punjabi this is the biggest day in a year. I will wear a traditional attire designed Himmat Singh especially for Guru Purab. And shall go to Gurudwara. I have made this day super special by organizing a langar for kids at Missionaries of Charity.

Kanisha Malhotra: Back in Delhi we use to enjoy prabhaat feri (early morning round) with dance and bhajans then later we distribute langar (food) outside our houses. Later in the day we go to Gurudwara.

Mahika Sharma: Guru Nanak Jayanti is usually celebrated not only by Sikhs across the globe but it is a matter of celebration for the followers of Guru Nanak Dev across different religions. Being a non punjabi or Sikh still I celebrate it my way by giving a visit to Gurudwara and offering prayings.

Sanjay Gagnani: Guru Nanak Jayanti, since I’m a Sindhi we’ve always celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti in a grand manner. In the morning, every year on this day, the whole Sindhi community gathers in a huge banquet hall for a prayer meet which is followed by serving lunch as “prashad” for everyone irrespective of their caste, breed or religion. In the evening, there is a huge procession in which people dance on the traditional tunes and serve prashad to everyone on the way.

Paras Madaan: Being a Punjabi and remembering the way my grandfather used to celebrate it, I follow the same tradition and offer my prayers by giving a visit to Gurudwara and participating in the yummy langar.

Sanchit Sharma: Being a follower of Guru Nanak I always make sure to visit Gurudwara and greet Guruji on his birthday. I also follow his message and also try to spread among my friends and fans that, Live simple and do good deeds, and rest will fall in the right place.

Dolly Sohi: I go to gurudwara with my family and greet guruji on his birthday. We do prayers and enjoy the celebration and it really helps to get freshen up and light pure and posetive energy in soul and help us for the better living style.

Anshul Pandey: I make sure to visit Gurudwara in the morning hours with my friends. We offer our prayers and enjoy the cultural celebration ending up with the mouth watering food.

Vishvapreet Kaur: It’s the most prestigious occasion for Sikh community. I always go to Gurudwara sahib to seek Babaji’s blessings… I make sure 2 have langer and I also do langer di seva. In the evening I light up diyas in my house and do prayer.

Alokk Narula:I visit 4 bunglows gurdwara and have Langar and Kadah prasad there. I take blessings from Gurunanak Devji and pray for everyone’s happiness.

Muskaan Mihani: I will go to Gurudwara with my family, and I obviously I want to teach my little one about our Gurus and God. So this year will be special as she will be with us.

Pushtiie Shiv Shakti: I visit gurdwara take blessings and have kadah prasad and pray for happiness & peace.