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#DilTohBachaHai: Tellytown favorites celebrate Children's Day!

The best way to be a successful adult, is to never let your inner child die. It’s no wonder some of our favorite celebrities manage to be so content with life. Television’s most loved celebrities continue to celebrate their inner child on Children’s Day. Let’s find out how!


Tejasswi Prakash: I with my friends visit orphanage with lots of gift especially educational stationary and food for them. We enjoy dance play with them and enjoy children day being a child!

Anuj Sachdeva: Amidst the ups and downs of life, the only one thing that keeps us going is the child within us. Who thinks nothing is impossible, who pushes us to do things which go beyond logic. That child understands magic moments.

Tanya Sharma: I still celebrate children’s day but the only difference is that earlier I used to get a surprise from my parents and now I try to bring smiles on other children faces and Ofcourse not to forget I’m hyper active like a child in and out and would like to remain the same no matter what.

Parineeta Borthakur: I still get excited about children’s day and celebrate it with my son. We go to playing places like funky monkey or play around, and I jump with him as well! But yes, my son is the boss that day so i listen to him!

Paras Madaan: I think it’s wonderful that actors celebrate Children’s Day. For me it’s a great opportunity to relieve work pressures – I always have a big workload. I always think of my self as a child , no matter how old I am. So for me , if i want , i can spend everyday as children’s day .And I feel great, acting as a child, laughing and playing games. It’s good to be simple and naive even it’s just for a day!

Sanjay Gagnani: Actors are very sensitive and emotional like kids. They have to be treated and pampered with a lot of live and attention. And so, age is just a number I believe and no matter how old one is, one should always be childish when it comes to innocence, honesty and purity of thoughts and motive. I’m always childlike when it comes to having fun in life. And so, celebrating children’s day is a good idea to remind ourselves that we are and will always be children.

Shibani Kashyap: I have 6 yrs old niece with whom I celebrate children’s day. I spoil her by taking her for movies , eating ice creams , chocolates etc. We eat outside but I make sure she doesn’t eat junk food. I take her for parlour as well.

Shamin Mannan: There is a child in every adult and I believe that. So I celebrate childrens day by pampering myself with delicacies as i have a big sweet tooth so i keep finding occasions to treat myself and what is better than children’s day as there is a very big child in me now also. and i also like to distribute some sweets among street kids.

Meiyang Chang: This Children’s Day, I want to help create awareness amongst children (and by association, the elders around them) of clean beaches. I started cleaning the Versova beach months ago with the Versova Residents Volunteers and it has been an eye-opener for me. It taught me that it’s not enough to ignore, complain or tell people to stop littering but to personally take action. I invite them through their schools & associations to come join us every Saturday & Sunday morning to be the change the city needs them to be. They do not know it yet but the revelation will go a long way to a cleaner India.

Mahika Sharma: I start my day offering a rose to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehruji. And then with the kids of my NGO durgabaadi girls we enjoy different compition say fancy dress, dance, music and enjoy games. And being with them makes me feel I am not less then the child.

Mitali Nag: Children’s day is one of the few occasions which makes me nostalgic. I remember my school days where we would have dancing and singing activities in school followed by snacks. It was so much fun. Now I try and celebrate children’s day with street kids near my house. Get them sweets and snacks to eat. And arrange an activity where they dance and sing and play games!!! The child in me comes out and I participate with them with full enthusiasm.

Sara Khan: Once in a while it is good to let your hair down and play like a child. I still celebrate Children’s Day with my sisters occasionally where we play like kids, it is needed to distress in today’s highly competitive work space. Childhood is best for your innocent, you saw what you want and never plan your words. I miss the carefree life we lived, where if anything went wrong mummy papa were always there to solve it down.

Kunal Jaisingh: My parents make me to feel I am child on childrens day! My dad does is he pampers me a lot get my favorite food made surprises me wit a small gifts as soon as I wake up. I feel sweet and pampered like a child on the day.

Karanvir Sharma: My memories of Children’s Day we’re of getting candy from teachers as a token of appreciation and me and my friends would get so excited and not miss that day for anything. Our teachers used to play games with us and that day used to be a homework free day. We all have and should keep the child in us happy because no one has won hearts being an old grumpy man.

Roop Durgapal: I am a child at heart and would love to remain the same especially because everyone in my family still treats me like a kid. Also my Father’s bday falls on the same day it going to be double celebrate! specially for my father and with my little nephew who just turned 2 yrs old.

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