Posted on November 3, 2016 at 3:45 pm

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Learn the Dance Alphabet with Shereen Ladha

After the success of their viral “Maafi” video, choreographer Shereen Ladha and her crew of talented dancers are back with another repeat-worthy video! Ladha and her team just released the video “The A-Z of Indian Dance.”

The talented dancers go through an array of iconic Bollywood scenes, dance forms and dance necessitites from A for anarkali to M for Madhuri to O for Salman Khan’s hit song, “Oh Oh Jaane Jaana” to Z for Zandu Balam. Did I mention there are gorgeous shirtless dancers involved? Check it out!

Speaking about the video a very excited Ladha explained how support they have gotten from the YouTube base in Toronto.

“The video features different Indian dance styles, regions, and some popular Bollywood scenes,” Ladha explained. “This video is so special because we got to film it at the YouTube space in Toronto, and YouTube themselves helped us create this.”

The dance video blends in classical dance forms with some filmy flair seamlessly. They depict dance forms from Bharatnatyam to Honey Singh and Shah Rukh Khan’s Lungi Dance! Shereen Ladha and her team shot the entire video in one day! The video was filmed back in June of this year but unfortunately, it took some time in post-production to get the alphabet soup looking orderly enough to publish.

“I released it just in time for Diwaloween” Ladha said jokingly, “which I thought was appropriate.”

How about that amazing background score? The music is all thanks to J Raj Music. The original track adds an addicting vibe to the video and that beat is definitely one that will get stuck in your head for days. J Raj Music is also the same talent behind Ladha’s last viral video, a remake of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” re-titled “Maafi” in Hindi.

To keep up with Ladha and her team be sure to check their new stage show titled “Roots: A Journey Through India” and Shereen Ladha’s YouTube Channel, Dance with SL!

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