Posted on October 9, 2016 at 8:33 pm

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#UrbanAsian: Jai Matt and Srimix Recreate Ni Main Samajh Gaya!

After the sizzling summer release “Thrill To Pagal Hai”, Jai Matt & Dr. Srimix bring you the brand new single “Ni Main Samajh Gaya.”

Enthralled with nostalgia from the film Taal, “Ni Main Samajh Gaya” takes a very fresh look on a classic. With the heavily Caribbean influence production by Dr. Srimix, and the combination of the uber harmonized vocals by Jai Matt, this track is sure to give a reset for your ears!

Jai Matt comments,

“It’s definitely something out of our comfort zone, which was intentional, and made for a great challenge. We felt that we had a pretty good formula going with our 15 plus releases over the past year, but felt like throwing a curve ball into the mix.”

With a couple more months to 2016, Jai Matt & Dr. Srimix are sure to bring you more classics before the new year!

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