Posted on October 9, 2016 at 7:36 pm


Salman Khan's sister Shweta Rohira makes an amazing Durga painting!

The talented lass Shweta Rohira (Salman Khan’s Muhboli behen) fused her artistic side with spirituality and came up with a breath taking painting of maa Durga recently. Shweta, who is an artist and even has her own brand Artsy Chic said, “I made a painting of maa Durga. It took me three days to make it, and I loved doing it, because Durga is our divine mother filled with love and compassion. She teaches us strength and to surrender.”

Talking about the process of making the painting, Shweta said,

“While creating this painting, I was only in gratitude with grace of Durga maa on me and on every person who believes in her. The joy in creating her was so amazing a feeling that I can’t explain.”

A spiritual persion, Shweta is someone who believes in the power of prayers,

“I believe in prayers because it helps us in connecting with the divine and our own divine self. Prayers help us in balancing and grounding ourselves. It empties us, breaks our limiting belief systems and leads us into faith and self-awareness.” Shweta also give a rather important advice to anyone who would want to create anything spiritual. She said, “I believe that while creating anything divine, we need to be in peace within our self, because art is also a form of meditation and it needs full concentration and joy within.”

So is she celebrating navratri this year?

“Of course I am. I love these nine days of navratri .The garba and the divinity that surrounds this festival is captivating and very positive.”

Way to go Shweta. We love your positive attitude, and would love to see more artwork from you soon!

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