Posted on October 29, 2016 at 4:27 am

Bollywood Featured

Shabana Azmi showed her dedication for long ten hours!

Recently veteran versatile actress Shabana Azmi took an entry in Farhn P Zama’s popular show Amma and for obvious reason the show is getting a lot of warm response from the audience and the rating of the show is also good. Recently Shabana Azmi showed her caliber as an actress when she had shot for long ten hours at a stretch without a single break on the set of Amma.


Sources revealed from the set Shabana was shooting on the set where there was no fan as it was the demand for the scene, and the actress shot for ten long hours without a single break and not even stepped down to her make up van. Seeing her dedication and focus the other actors were also sat like her on the set. One should watch and learn from Shabana Azmi who is recipients of so many awards.

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