Posted on October 29, 2016 at 4:21 am

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#Diwali: Badho Bahu cast Diwali plans on the show!

BADHO BAHU produced by Dipti Kalwani (Sunny Side Up) and Hum Tum Telefilms (Teena Swayyam and Sushant Kumar) is topping the TRP charts and its cast is like one happy family. The cast reveals their Diwali plans.

Shabbir Khan: This Diwali I am going to be busy with Miss & Mr Mumbai Diva’16. My wishlist for the coming year lots of Abundance, lots of Prosperity, lots of Good Deed, lots of Gratitude, lots of Happiness. Above all lots of dua from everyone!


Arhan Khan: This Diwali I hope & pray it is going to be noise free and peaceful I plan to visit my friends & celebrate with them. In my own way I intend to spread cheer & happiness amongst the lesser privileged. I take each day as it comes & thank the almighty for all I’ve been bestowed with I hope he continues to bless me in the same way each year.


Roopa Ganguly : I want to spend Diwali with my family. I feel incomplete sometimes without them living in Mumbai. Well this Diwali I really pray that we are able to have enlightenment within that you become more wise and mature and give happiness to everyone around me.


Rytasha Rathore: This year I am not sure what my plan is as I have only one day off. Mostly I will spend time on catching up my sleep, being with loved ones and of course lighting diyas and celebrating with yummy dinner. I want to to keep working and working and working.


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