Posted on October 8, 2016 at 12:25 am

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London Fashion Models and Makeup Artist to Glam Upon Eiffel Tower

London, London, London the city that never lets you down and always makes sure you enjoy the time spent there. This beautiful and amazing city is awash with fashionistas as designers, models, and even stylists who have all gathered in venues across the English capital and now one of the most anticipated show in the history of the world the iconic Fashion week called “French European-Indian Fashion week” will be having the most skillful and talented models, hair and makeup artists from London.


Everyone thinks that when a fashion show is being done it’s basically about all the glamour, glitz, and the gorgeous outfits that come with it, but when going behind the scenes all the whole matter it’s a totally a different ballgame. Bryanna Angel Allen states,

“I am keen to progress in my acting career and always take part in new and exciting projects and walking for FEIFW is going to be an exciting journey for me”.

While one of the renowned models of London Darren Imossi expresses,

“I am glad to be a part of this iconic event which is going to create history.”


The president of French European-Indian Fashion Week Satish Reddy says,

“I am lucky to have best Models and Hair, Makeup artist from London. We are looking forward to creating mood/vision boards to plan the look and design to achieve to the show and also targeting other countries Models and Hair & Makeup artist.”

Hats off to the whole team and the talented artists that came to French European-Indian Fashion Week and did an amazing job.

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