Posted on October 7, 2016 at 8:38 pm

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"I never followed any show on snakes" – Priyal Gor

 New shows mean being introduced to new characters and basically loving them throughout the show. Cute and bubbly actress Priyal Gor who is currently the new Naagin on SAB TV newest show “Ichhapyari Naagin”. Check what Priyal has to say about her newest show and the role she is taking.
So what prompted you to take up this role?
“I was doing films in South but I still had my interest in television as I started my career here.  I thus headed back to television. Naagin is in trend now, we have seen the hot Naagin and when this show came up to me I thought that ‘Iccha’ is quite cute and bubbly kind of Naagin which is to some extent resembles my nature too. So I thought let me play myself in a disguise of Naagin in the show. I never thought of the Naagin concept as I never followed any shows on snakes. We have a huge competition in the industry and getting a role like this is indeed a good opportunity.”
How has been the response so far?
“The response has been good and people are appreciating the cute Naagin and I am happy getting all those compliments for my work.”
Be sure to check out Priyal’s newest show only on SAB TV.
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