Posted on October 31, 2016 at 12:57 am

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Every year Diwali is special to me: Nikhil Sinha!

Popular maker of shows like Mahadev and Siya Ke Ram Nikhil Sinha shares his Diwali plans with us.

Nikhil Sinha states:

“Every year Diwali is special to me and my family, since childhood we have been taught with this value that Diwali is the time when you celebrate with your family. So this Diwali there will be Pooja at home for three consecutive days and we will decorate our house with diyas and rangoli. I am also planning to buy something for my family maybe with that I can surprise them.”




Nikhil also adds,

“After doing a show like Siya Ke Ram you know the core meaning of Diwali and you feel even more for the Festival of Lights.” So what is happiness to you? “For me happiness is whatever you do in life big or small and you are happy in that situation. No matter what you have in life, sometime bigger things also can’t give you happiness. Be happy in every condition that is my mantra.”

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