Posted on October 31, 2016 at 12:10 am

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Ashish Sharma to celebrate Diwali in Jaipur!

Jaipur actor Ashish Sharma who is currently playing Lord Ram in Nikhil Sinha’s Siya Ke Ram on Star Plus recently went to Jaipur in the city to attend a Dussehra. But the actor says, his next visit will be for personal reasons – after many years, he will be home for Diwali this time.



“It’s been quite some time since I celebrated the festival at my home in Jaipur. Due to my busy schedule, my parents join me in Mumbai and we celebrate it there. This time, I have decided to take at least five days off and celebrate all the festivals, including Dhanteras and Gowardhan Puja, here. I miss the grand celebration of the festival that we had here when I was a school kid. I plan to relive those moments again. I’ll be here with my wife Archana Taide- it is going to be a family reunion for me.”

Nikhil Sinha’s show is winning lot of accolades and has stable ratings and he has done the perfect casting and his Ram has clicked with masses and classes.

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