Posted on October 8, 2016 at 2:28 am

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Divine Blessings for Divyanka Tripathi!

Divyanka Tripathi visited Ajmer Shariff with husband Vivek Dahiya post marriage for the first time. Aww so cute!


She says,

“Anything you do for the first time as a couple becomes memorable.It’s said, whatever you ask for in Ajmer Sharif, you get it. I think, Vivek didn’t ask for anything and my list was endless. Vivek and I share similar belief relating to spiritualism. I am a believer of Karma… I believe in doing the right thing as that comes back to us. As far as prayers are concerned, I believe it’s important to express our gratitude towards divinity that has bestowed us with all the love and success. It’s a process essential to zero down and ground oneself”.

Well Divyanka your show “Yeh Hai Moohabaatein” is doing well and you are happily married too that is surely a blessing!

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