Posted on October 8, 2016 at 2:23 am


Ashmit Patel and Yuvika paint the town red!

It’s good to get nostalgic sometimes as it keeps one in touch with their roots. The hunk Ashmit Patel did just that, as he recently went on a trip down memory lane to South Mumbai. Ashmit played a perfect guide to co-star Yuvika Chaudhary ( Farhn Zamma and Asif Shaikh’s Ek Maa Jo Bani Lakho Ke Liye Amma on Zee) who went with him, and while driving around South Mumbai, he even got a bit nostalgic, since the actor has spent a considerable part of his childhood in Mumbai’s classiest neighborhoods. He said,

“It was great playing guide to Yuvika and reliving my childhood and growing up years in south mumbai. It brought back so many amazing memories.”



As the duo were driving down Worli with Ashmit telling Yuvika about his grandfather who was a prominent personality in Mumbai and even has a chowk named after him, they happened to have a moment, as they came across a memorial dedicated to the actor’s grandfather. Recalls Ashmit,

“I haven’t really spoken publicly about my grandfather or told many people about how amazingly popular and powerful a man he was. We just happened to be passing his memorial in Worli when I decided to tell Yuvika about him. We then impulsively stopped at his memorial and shared a few moments with his statue and I paid my respects to him.”

It’s not just nostalgia that binds Ashmit to town. The actor likes how South Mumbai is planned as a neighbourhood and has a chilled out vibe. He said,

“Town is special in each and every way. It actually feels like a proper planned city as compared to any other part of Mumbai. The roads are wide and clean. The traffic is more disciplined and of course there are no rickshaws causing a nuisance. There is a lot of heritage and history attached to every part of it. I’ve spent my entire childhood and growing up years on Marine drive which is popularly known as the Queens Necklace and for me that is true Mumbai.”

So, did he ride a tonga when there? Ashmit smiles and says, “I did, actually. I went on a tonga after many  years, probably not since I was in my early teens. It felt good to relive those memories once again. In fact I had never been on a tanga ride during the day so this was a first for me.”
Well, that was quite a happy ending to Ashmit and Yuvika’s sweet trip to Town!