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Rohit Gupta's comedy Midnight Delight is the Most Controversial Film!

Rohit Gupta’s unique comedy, Midnight Delight (tag-lined “say hi to high…”) isn’t just a delight to watch, but rather, it is also one of the most controversial films… at least, according to a festival in the Philippines!  The film by Gupta was an Official Selection at the iChill International Film Festival held in Manila, Philippines from July 29-31.  After its screening, and along with the audience’s feedback, the judges nominated the film as the finalist for the “Most Controversial Film” category at the awards ceremony!  Looks like Gupta has left no stone (or in this case, stoner!) un-turned when it comes to Midnight Delight and the film festival circuit!

iChill Int Film Festival is a part of the iChill Theater Cafe – the favorite cafe of Thomasians. iChill are the advocates for freedom and no censorship. The change of the country comes through the arts and this film fest is the perfect venue to open their minds with views from creators in the west who has very expansive artistic thought process and environment as compared to the Asian world.  Speaking about the film, Kuya Manzano (of iChill Film Fest in Manila) said the following,

“It was an unanimous decision for Midnight Delight being the Most controversial film for the Philippine audience because we’re in a moment where drug dealers are being killed every week in here by local vigilantes. Half of the country loves it and half hates it. Congrats Mr. Gupta for a great film.”

Gupta was touched by the audience reaction and Kuya’s comments and said,

“We feel honored for the film to be welcomed in to the Philippines and glad it is serving its purpose at several levels.”

After its ‘high’ly successful festival run garnering several awards and acclaim in the United States and internationally, the film was released on July 21, 2016 worldwide via video on demand (VOD) on various platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Sony, Hoopla, Vimeo, Xbox among others.  The film is available for download as well as streaming.

Midnight Delight continues its delightful international festival run winning accolades and applause.  Next up is the Indie Film Gathering International Film Festival 2016 in Ohio.  The festival is celebrating its 21st anniversary.  Midnight Delight is part of an Official Selection in the “drama-comedy” feature category to take place Aug 08-14 in Ohio. The movie will be screened on Friday, August 12th at 10:45 pm local time followed by a gala awards ceremony on Sunday August 14th.  We are sure Midnight Delight will do well in this festival too since the film has already set the by ‘high’ with all these wins at other festivals!

The 85-minute film, Midnight Delight, produced by Gupta and Saumin Mehta under the production company Dot and Feather Entertainment is an American stoner comedy film set in a marijuana smoking lounge. It features nine vignettes of comedy, wit and reality that follows strangers in high spirits, crossing paths during nights of exploration. These curious visitors reflect within themselves on daily existence, societal curiosities and along the way demystify the status quo conversing about various topics. Discussion includes topics varying from “why do we talk” to “what do models eat”, “if water makes us fat”, to “if dolphins could be the reason for the inception of the entire universe or its destruction” moving to even hats, moisturizer, maths, infinity, working out at the gym, dating games and health supplements among other topics. It features award-winning actors Shaheed Woods (Life! Camera Action…, ) and debutante Michael Laguerre, actress Alexandra Hellquist (Sole Proprietor, The Fever and Fret), John Crann (The Perfect Murder, Life! Camera Action… ), Michele Suttile (See you next Tuesday) among others.

Be sure to make your way to to check out the film on digital media platforms!

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