Posted on August 8, 2016 at 1:20 am

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Prasad Barve and Sonal Vengulkar's on-screen bond!

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Prasad Barve currently seen as Jatin Mehta in Trishulla Productions (Deepak Kumar, Vikas Seth and Mahesh Pandey) Ye Vaada Raha and Sonal Vengurlekar playing Survi are shown on-screen friends and audiences are liking it. Prasad met Sonal on the sets of ye Vaada Raha only.


He says,

“If you are doing films and you have to play a friend’s role then there are workshops conducted where the artists spend enough time knowing each other and then the film is shot but in television it’s not the same. You go through a look test and the next day you start shooting. When I started this show with Sonal it showed that we were friends since 7 years and I think the special thing about our friendship is that we both have bonded so well since day one and no one could make out that we have met just a few days back”.

Off Screen fun he says –

Off- screen we do have a lot of fun specially when it comes to food. Sonal and Ankush are calorie conscious and we keep eating pizzas, burgers and there’s this Box canteen from where we keep ordering salads and wraps.

Working for few months our bonding has been working so good onscreen because of which our off-screen bonding is working good. And for that on-screen bonding I have been getting a lot of appreciation. Everyone has been praising Jatin a lot they wish everyone should have a friend like Jatin who does everything for her without any expectations.

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