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#FriendShipDay: TV folks talk about their friends!

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We all clearly enjoy a break from work and a time to spend with friends and family, catch up on gossip, movies, art, fun and just hanging around shopping and many other fun activities with your dear ones! Actors who work day and night never get a chance to spend real quality time with friends and family but here we have a few friends who enjoyed FriendShip day and told us why it means a lot to them!

Aishwarya Sakhuja 

Supriya Malik is my best friend whom I have known since 2003 and we still don’t know how we became friends. She’s my college friend and she’s someone who has seen me grow literally and has love me unconditionally and accepted all my flaws and yet has been  there to guide me where I have gone wrong. There are very few people who can show that kind of unconditional support. We talk endlessly, we laugh non stop and I guess in today’s mad rat race laughter per say has gone missing from our lives. We go get our hair done and she encourages me to do all the chick flick things because I never really do that normally.

Aishwarya- Supriya

Amruta Khanvilkar 
My non industry friends are my school friends Neha and Manmeeta, they are so different from each other and today everybody is absolutely settled in their lives. They are the ones who knew me when I was nothing and till today their attitude and behavior has not changed.



Himmanshoo Malhotra
My very close friend Gaurav Juneja and we have been together for nearly 20 years and we went to school since 5th grade and that’s how we met each other and he has always been there through thick and thin. Whenever I think things have got wrong he’s been there full of support. Each time we are doing masti and stupid things he has been there maybe because he is few months elder to me and we just love having fun!

So he has been a great guiding force as well. I remember the days when I wanted to become a cricketer and not many people vouched for that and use to discourage me but he was the only one who use to tell them,” See one day you guys would be the first who would laugh and cheer when Himmanshoo will hit a six on field”.

He loves food and I love food and we go out, hang out together and sometimes his wife feels jealous that I take a lot of attention. We have been paragliding together once, drives, my first disc with him and my first date was with Gaurav and my date. We have done a lot of activities and we have been enjoying very much.


Arjun Bijlani on Vicky Jain

My non industry friend is Vicky Jain and we met through common friends and since that they we have been best friends. We had our ups and downs but realized that we are great friends. The most special thing is that we understand each other and won’t judge each other and I think that’s what friendship is all about. We do everything together, party and festivals together and since few years we celebrate New Year’s together so yes everything that friends do we do together.

Arjun - Vicky Jain

Ssharaad Malhotra on Prateek Chakrovorthy
My brother from another mother and as I lovingly call him Po (kung fu panda) I met him through a common friend our friendship is very unconditional and non judgemental. The best part about it is that we could meet after weeks or months and always pick up from the point where we’d left, like-minded and passionate about living life to its fullest. Not forgetting we’re big time foodies too.

Ssharaad - Prateek

Poonam Preet on Arhaan Bahl

My best friend from the TV industry is Arhaan Behll. We’ve been friends since the time we worked together in the show do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se on Zee which was my first show. He’s my four am friend. The best thing about our friendship is the gossips which we do all the time and we both are good listeners. As friends we are always there for each other anytime. We both are honest and don’t take each other for granted which is the best part of our friendship.

poonam preet and Arhaan Bahl


Vahbbiz Dorabjee  on Tanvi Thakkar

We both worked together in Pyar Ki Ek Kahani and right now we are working on Hamari Bahu Rajnikant. We are both planners in our group of friends. We go shopping together and chill out.  We both go together to try out different restaurants.

Vahbbiz Dorabajee and  Tanvi Thakkar


Ajay Chaudhary on Rashami Desai

Rashmi Desai is my family friend. She’s been a great costar in Uttaran. She’s a brilliant actor and a superb human being..She supported my cricket team too. She is a mature girl who is very optimistic about life. The best thing I like is she is very lively and can make you laugh anytime. I might not call her often but always wish the best for her.

Ajay Chaudhary Rashami Desai


Dhruv Singh on Amal Sehrawat

Dhruv Singh says,

My best friend is Amal Sehrawat and since he is also from the industry and I know him since a longest time so my association with him goes long back.  He is like a brother from another mother.  We love discussing films and actors. We love to treat ourselves as the sons of “Cine-Maa”. Everyday we watch films/ series and then call each other to share some gyaan. We both love movie marathon sessions'”


Dhruv Singh and Amal Sehrawat

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