Posted on August 27, 2016 at 4:10 pm

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#HairTips:Top festive hair styles by Asgar Boo!

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The stunning season of festival and celebrations, is just around the corner and your merriment can begin now with choosing the perfect illuminating hair style! Celebrity hairstylist to the likes of Cindy Crawford & Eva Longoria, Asgar Saboo shares his top hairstyles for the perfect festive style.


The Teased Back Side Braid

The side braid is the perfect hairstyle for people with voluminous and shiny hair and allows the wearer to show off their beautiful outfits for the festival season.

How to: Tease the hair and pin back at the crown, while the rest cascades over the shoulders. To stand out from the crowd, go for the dutch braid. It’s the same thing as the French braid but instead you are pulling the pieces of hair under the braid, instead of over the braid like you would do with a French style. Tug gently at the braids to create some volume, and spray with a medium hold hairspray for further hold. Add some beautiful accessories to finish the look, a bindi will also add to the traditional look.


Center Parting Maang Tikka

The maang tikka is a beautiful accessory and is very popular for events and festivals in India. It represents the third eye, illustrating a controlled mind and great insight.

How to: For this style, the hair is centrally parted and taken back as a simple bun, ponytail or let loose. A beautiful way to wear the maang tikka is to simply centre part the hair in defined line, as this will show the maang tikka off and curl soft waves all around the head. After, place the maang tikka down the centre parting and fix into place with bobby pins and strong hair spray.



Twisted Side Up Do

A side twist on each side of the head is absolutely effortless and requires just a small hair coloured elastic headband. The twisted side braid is ideal for women with long hair as it pulls the hair back away from the face and will make you look effortlessly chic.

How to: An easy way to achieve this look is to place a headband in the desired style on top of your hair, leaving out a few wisps for a romantic look. Twist the hair from the front of the head backwards and down. Then gently bring the hair upwards in a circular movement and secure it under the headband, keeping tucking the hair back around the headband and secure into place at the back – to be extra secure, use bobby pins too. Add flower accessories or beaded pins to further add a feminine festive touch to the look.


Three Braided Back Buns

Choosing this festive hairstyle allows you to be as creative as you can using braids. Braids are a beautiful way of focusing attention on the ears and will festive earrings being a prominent part of the festive look, this style is perfect. To keep in theme, you can accessorize the braids with flowers and clips to accentuate the look.

How to: Divide the hair into three sections at the back of the head. Braid each section individually. Roll each braid up and under and combine the 3 braids in a bun and use bobby pins to secure. To keep the twists intact, apply the bobby pins in a reverse manner. Starting from back of your head towards the front. Apply hair spray on the bobby pin before fixing it in the hair as this will give more grip for the bobby pin to hold on to.



The Chignon

As elegant and sophisticated as it gets, the chignon will suit the most stylish women and bring a touch of elegance to the festivities.

How to: To begin with apply some serum and smooth over any dry ends. Secondly, gather the hair to one side and twist into a lose knot just below the ear and finally pin it in place. Be careful of any short layers, which must be tucked into the hair to avoid a scruffy or laid back look. Secure with bobby pins and spray the hair with a high shine spray. Again add flowers or jewelled pins to the hair for the festive theme.



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