Posted on July 30, 2016 at 2:44 pm

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Rashami Desai in Mazak Mazak Mein!

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Actress Rashami Desai who is known for her daily soap avtaar is currently seen in comedy show Mazak Mazak Mein. This is not the first time we will see Rashami in a comedy show before this also we have seen the pretty actress in Kapil Sharma’s show and in couple of other shows as well.

Rashami Desai in red

This time the show Mazak Mazak Mein has a different format, it has 5 states participating with each other and Rashami will be seen in the Gujarat team. Now that’s pretty amazing!


When asked Rashmi says

“I have been always attracted to the comedy genre because it is difficult to bring smile in someone’s face, making someone cry is a bit easy job because in daily soaps you can do that with heavy dose of emotional dialogues. Comedy is difficult and I always enjoyed doing that in front of the camera.


Mazak Mazak Mein has a different format and as a Gujrati I am proud of this fact that I will be participating for my state team. It is definitely an advantage for me. And also there are many unexplored stuff from Gujarat which people don’t know so we will try to showcase that through this show.”

Rashami has teammates like actor Vrijesh Hirjee, Kevin Dave who will be able to support her in this! We wish her all the best!

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