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Erica Fernandes speaks 'Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi'

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A manglorian girl by roots, Erica Fernandes was born and brought up in Mumbai. She did her schooling from Holy Cross High School and completed her college from SIES, Sion. For further studies, she came up with bright colors and pursuing her Bachelors in Arts from St Andrews College, Bandra. Now she can be seen in the hit tv show ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ Find out what she had to tell us at Urban Asian about her life and career path!


What does your name mean. It’s quite name.How was it kept?

My name Erica means a leader, a sole ruler.

You have done South films what prompted you to take up a TV offer?

I have always wanted to do TV at some point in my career and this happened suddenly. Same way movie just happened before TV and that too came to me as a surprise.

How did Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi happen?

Not much really, the whole shaping of the character happened on set day by day. Took me some time to sink into the character.

Tell us about your character in the show?

Sonakshi is a very mature character, strong headed woman who knows the value of everything in her life that is her family, friends or work. She has fallen in love for the very first time in her life and this phase is bringing out a new shade of Sonakshi.

You have worked in South films and now you are doing a TV show what
difference you find?

Doing a films and doing a TV show are poles apart. They are two different things cannot be compared but I enjoy doing both as I love what I do. The pace is 10x than that of films.

How is it shooting with your co star Shaheer Sheikh?

I am glad I have a really good costar. Its really important to have cooperative co actors when your working and specially when you are doing a daily soap. He is a lovely costar, very supportive and encouraging. He pushes me to do better.

Alpesh with Erica Fernandes

How is it working with the senior actress Supriya Pilgaonkar?

Same goes with Supriyaji. She is a mother figure to us and the bond we have off screen is also very similar to what is onscreen as of now. She is just adorable.

If you were offered any reality show which reality show you would like to do?

Reality show !!! Lets when I get offered one. I am a little moody that way what ever interests me at that point of time I might take up.

How is it working with the producer duo Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik?

My producers, a lovely people ! They are so focused and know exactly what they want. I am glad I am a part of this show and my TV career began with them and their production house and yes of course my entire team.


What are the tips of becoming an actor?

Tips? I am not a Oscar winner to give tips on acting but all I can say is we live the moment when we perform those scenes we make it our own.

What kind of a roles you would like to do in future?

I would want to do an action show/movie that would have me to train for it for sometime that’s something I just want to do !

What makes you happy?

The simplest of simplest things make me happy. I love small gestures and nature

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