Posted on July 30, 2016 at 12:24 pm

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Ashish Sharma the Ram of Nikhil Sinha's Siya Ke Ram speaks about life and career!

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TV actor Ashish Sharma talks about his role of Ram in Siya Ke Ram and his comfort zone in the film!

Do you like fiction or historical/mythology more? action and romance seem your comfort zone.

I have grown up on literature and mythological stories they have always fascinated me since my childhood and I believe every being that I portray on screen is an extension of my personality to some degree that’s why whatever I play seems in my comfort zone.



 How did you prepare yourself for Ram? e.g. archery, body language, physique etc.

Television works differently as a medium so I have devised my own way of functioning in it, once we start shooting we don’t get anytime for preparation so I do a lot of homework before I start shooting for any project that allows me to be at complete ease on the floor thereafter same went with Siya Ke Ram as well. A lots of preparation went for physical transformation, body language and all the external attributes but major preparation was to get the inner calmness and patience for which I started meditating for almost 4 months. Physical attributes are easy to change but it’s always important to get the mindset right.

You have always sported mustache in your previous shows. How do you feel being clean shaven onscreen for the first time? Which look of yourself you prefer with mustache or without mustache and why?
I am too laid back to shave. I had not touched a razor in almost 6 years before Siya Ke Ram. Personally I love my stubble.



Who is your inspiration to play Ram?
Ram is an inspiration to the whole world and so is mine to portray him as Ram is an ideology, a way of life so I try to find that within me.

You are considered as intense actor and your chemistry with heroines are always appreciated. Do you think that helped you beg the role of Ram?

Don’t know but when I asked Nikhilji why me?? When he offered it to me he said you have a tough exterior but an innocent face and most honest eyes and that’s what makes you my ideal Ram.

Who is your favorite character in Ramayan? If not Ram which character would you like to play?

Raavan of-course would like to play Raavan he is so fascinating and interesting to play.

 State few of your characteristics similar to Ram. e.g. obedient child, never lies, strong and silent, man of few words, ideal brother/husband etc.

I am soft spoken in real life. I always see to it that I am not hurting people around me, I hold my relationships in high regard. I always speak to people with respect irrespective of his/her socio economic status. I am an honest husband and son.

What do you have to say about the special effects and VFX?

In television, Siya Ke Ram redefined VFX our shows were limited when it came to visual effects we always shot with no movements in camera. Siya Ke Ram introduced this to TV that we can do what movies or high budgeted western shows do all it takes is vision and hard-work our special effects team works very closely with on set directors and that’s a plus. Kudos to the whole VFX team for redefining VFX in Indian TV.

How is your equation with the producers Nikhil and Sohanna Sinha?
The producer duo is fantastic as producers. Its nice to work in Siya Ke Ram.

Two interesting fan experiences.

Once this old lady saw me in airport and just kept smiling at me and after sometime and much hesitation she came and asked “Are you Ram? Can I touch your hairs? Are they real?” and I happily obliged.

Once this lady from us came to the set with a car full of gifts and sweets and the moment she saw me she couldn’t speak anything just kept crying out of happiness it took me 15 mins to calm her down and make her smile.

 You are married for how long to Archana Taide?

It’s been 4 years now I have been married to Archana and it’s been a wonderful journey together.

Are you planning to do Nach Baliye if offered?
We were offered Nach Baliye earlier as well guess we are a tad bit boring couple when it comes to other than dance.

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