Posted on December 16, 2015 at 12:00 am


#12DaysOfChristmas Day 3- To be or not to be – desi!

To be or not be desi is a never ending dilemma but on Christmas, the issue seems to be all the more prevalent. While most of the India thinks that Indian Christians wear miniskirts and suits to church on Sunday, guess again!


We Indian Christian love flaunting our desi attire to church and when it comes to Christmas, it’s all about the saris and sherwanis. However, there are times we like to deviate from cultural norms and be a little western. Unfortunately, doing that might just end up making you the center of attention.

If you are a girl, every aunty in church will be giving you the evil as they silently judge you for being an uncultured demonic child for having worn that short dress to church. On the other hand, if desi attire is not worn properly, you might have proven yourself to be an unworthy daughter in front of an entire congregation. Either ways, the risk outweigh the fashion statement!