Posted on March 15, 2019 at 7:25 pm

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Anchor Mohit Jadhwani Hosts NBA Basketball featuring Rannvijay Singha

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Anchor Mohit Jadhwani Hosts NBA Basketball featuring Rannvijay Singha

Anchor Mohit Jadhwani hosts the NBA Basketball initiative featuring Rannvijay Singha

Mohit Jadhwani is one of the most popular and well-known anchors today. What also makes him immensely popular is his versatility and the ability to pull off all kinds of events, be it high-profile weddings, sports tournaments or film-based events. In the recent past, Mohit has anchored some of the biggest sports based tournaments or events in the country.

Talking about the same, Mohit says,

“As an anchor, I am comfortable hosting any kind of event. I think it is sheer coincidence that I’ve been associated with some of the biggest sporting events in recent times. I am happy to anchor and be a part of these events as I am a big fan of sports and a fitness freak. Looking forward to many more in the pipeline.”

The anchor has been the face of some of the most prominent sporting events like ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour, Manchester United LIVE Screening, Bodybuilding shows and Indian Games Expo.

“We hear of people suffering from so many kinds of health issues these days. Sports not only helps you stay fit physically, but it also strengthens your mental abilities. If such events are promoted on a wide scale in the country, more people, especially children, will be inspired to engage themselves in sports and lead healthy lives,” he ends on a parting note.

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