Posted on March 16, 2019 at 3:12 am


Ak Rahman Addressed About Women’s Safety In Mumbai Local Trains

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Ak Rahman Addressed About Women’s Safety In Mumbai Local Trains

Celebrity anchor AK Rahman talks to the Mumbai crowd about women’s safety in local trains.

AK Rahman is one of the most sought after anchors in India today. The anchor is known for his exceptional oratory skills and infectious charm which casts a spell on the audience and keeps them hooked at every event that he hosts. Be it high-profile weddings, corporate events, music extravaganzas or filmy events – he is adept in handling it all. He has worked with some of the biggest brands like AXN, ZEE, CNN, IBN.

On International Women’s Day, Rahman decided to address the concern of women’s safety in Mumbai’s jam-packed local trains. While the local trains in the city are considered to be its lifelines, traveling in them can also be a little dangerous during rush hours. Every year, one hears of several accidents and other mishaps happening due to these trains being overcrowded. Rahman went around the city interviewing people from different walks of life about the same.

Talking about the same, he says, “We talk about the issue of women’s safety when they are alone but we fail to realize that they can be vulnerable in a crowd too. Mumbai’s local trains are a great way to travel around the city but they have claimed several lives in the past as well and we need to make sure that safety precautions are taken in order to avoid such accidents.”

Rahman got some interesting insights from people, both men, and women, who travel in trains every day and stumbled upon some interesting ideas which could be implemented to improve safety measures in local trains. Through his video, he hopes people’s concerns reach out to the higher authorities and they take the necessary action to work on the safety lapses.

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