Posted on September 21, 2023 at 4:18 am

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Anusha Mishra speaks about her OTT debut and working with TVF

After the great success of Dream Girl 2 where actress Anusha Mishra played Sakina, the talented actress is back with TVF’s new series called Builders.


Photo Courtesy Anusha Mishra Team
Photo Courtesy Anusha Mishra Team


Throwing more light on her role and experience, she says,

“My major reason to take up this role was because it is a sitcom and it’s so unique! A gym comedy isn’t something I’ve seen at all. The characters are so weird & adorable, I couldn’t not be a part of it. Plus, it’s a TVF project so of-course  I had to try my best at the audition. My character Vishakha is the voice of reason & kind of the only sane person amongst the others! For more details on whether Anusha & Vishakha are similar or not, I guess you’ll need to watch the show.”

As the name suggests the show is about developing your physique so most of the time the cast and crew have spent the time in the gym as they have shot there. Anusha says,

“95% of everything was shot in the gym, so the experience was very different than anything I’ve ever seen on a set! In general I’m quite intimidated by a gym in real life & I get anxious, but the gym being the shoot location was very calming & working out while shooting was an adventure.  I hope I can inculcate that kind of confidence in my own life. Working with Avtar Gill sir was such a learning experience, he’s such a goldmine of stories, wisdom & teachings, who has been so kind & fun loving on set & off! And all my co-stars Vidushi Kaul, Swapnil Kokam,  Ankit Motghare and Avtar sir are so good at their craft, it was wonderful to see how involved each of them was not only in their own roles, but also in each other’s parts! We had so much fun while shooting and creating these characters.”

TVF is a great brand and in the last few years they have really cemented their path breaking shows like Pitchers, Aspirants, Yeh Meri Family, Kota Factory. Anusha also shares her excitement on working with a brand like TVF. She sums up her feelings and adds,

“Getting the opportunity to work with TVF is massive for me! Over 10 of their shows were part of IMDb’s list of 50 Best shows, so I think that speaks to their cult status way more than anything I could say. Their shows are loved by everyone , and the scripts are just so beautiful. I’m so grateful that I get to be in one of their shows & I hope we work so much more together & that people love Builders just as much as the other TVF blockbusters.”

Anusha feels It’s been less than a month since Dream Girl 2 & she is  here with one more project, so she is happy that she is getting to do interesting roles.She adds,

“I have been eager to work on an OTT show & my debut itself is with TVF, so Dil ki ichchaein are sky high! I’d love to work on many more shows as & when I get the opportunity to!”

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