Posted on October 16, 2022 at 3:20 am

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Vidya Malavade aka Zeenat Karim in Netflix’s Mismatched season 2 will blow your mind

Famed for her role in Chak De! India with Shah Rukh Khan, an extremely talented actor & a yoga instructor, Vidya Malavade will surprise her fans as Zeenat Karim in Netflix’s teen romance drama Mismatched season 2


While reading the script & constructing the character of Zeenat Karim in her mind, Vidya developed an instant attachment with her and wanted to bring warmth, kindness & most importantly innocence to play this role because she knew she was the oldest out of the bunch but she wanted Zeenat to be the most innocent out of all. Malavade says that she experienced an uncanny similitude between her real & reel life personalities, Karims sense of freedom in the series after her husband’s death deeply resonated with the actor’s intense quest for liberation herself which convinced her to be a part of Mismatched.

Vidya’s character of a Muslim widow woman from Lucknow who is trying to adapt to the modern world strongly resonates with most women. Despite the judgements, self-consciousness & nervousness, she makes every effort to befriend even the dourest of the teenagers.

Vidya’s dialogue ‘Shukriya LoL Zeenat’ where she misunderstands the millennial lingo was lauded, laughed & praised by the viewers for her innocence. It fetched the actress much deserved applause & appreciation from the fans.  Vidya’s character of Zeenat in the second season is full of surprises

“She is the most mismatched character in the setting of the show & yet her presence fits the plot to the point. Zeenat, older than her peers, tries everything to be accepted, to be acknowledged & welcomed, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? I hope, in some way, the character of Zeenat too will encourage some women to go back to college, if they so wish and follow their long-lost dream” says Vidya

Apart from the role, Vidya is over the moon for having ace singer Rekha Bhardwaj lend her vocals to a beautiful romantic track titled ‘Aise Kyun’ starring Rannvijay Singha opposite Vidya herself which has stormed the social media. The track which is trending on every social media platform happens to be the third most loved romantic track of Vidya’s career. Her last two songs ‘Mehram’ by Arijit Singh & Niladri Kumar & Khaalipan from Dr. Arora are two of her most loved songs.

Vidya & Rannvijay’s much loved & talked about chemistry has a name #SidNat which is given to them by their fans. #SidNat is a lovely hashtag for their character names ‘Sid sir & Zeenat Karim’. Soon after the first season, the web series had over 50 fan pages on social media, now after the second season the count is only increasing.

Watch the actress revolutionize the taboo associated with a woman’s gender & age on Mismatched season 2 on Netflix

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