Posted on October 16, 2022 at 3:28 am

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Tina’s father reacts to the recent events on Bigg Boss 16

Tina Datta has joined the Bigg Boss bandwagon this year and the actress has been grabbing a lot of eye balls for her camaraderie and fun antics in the house.  From the fun flirting with Gautam and Shalin to her exceptional wardrobe in the house, Tina is being loved on the show.


However last night’s episode saw Sumbul’s father come on the show and lash out on Tina and Shalin on their behaviour towards Sumbul. Pulling out old conversations he told Tina that she had created the wrong image of his daughter.  Tina’s father who is hurt by last night’s episode says,

‘Papa Gaye toh dono ke jaane chaiye the. Age se thodi nah yeh hota hai ki woh chotti hai toh uske papa jayenge guide Karne. Reality show pe sab equal hai- kaam, age, audha koi mahine nahi rakhta hai, sab contestant hai Ek hi stage pe.  Tina ne apni aur se har waqt sahi salah di thi jaise Sumbul hurt nahi ho aur Sumbul ka soch ke hi toh Tina ne yeh baat pehle hi clear karne ke liye bola tha …main yehi bolunga ki apni beti ko uthane ke liye, dusre ki beti ko neecha nahi dikhana chaiye.’

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