Posted on September 14, 2022 at 11:53 am

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Actress Nikita Rawal held Hostage in a Hotel!

Nikita Rawal
Photo Courtesy Nikita Rawal’s Instagram

Nikita Rawal, best known for her character in “Amma Ki Boli” and her other recent works is touted to be a beautiful actress of the industry. She is also a great human and kind at heart. Shooting for an upcoming film, she has been staying in a hotel with her other co-stars and the crew of the film. Reportedly, due to the producers’ running out of money, the hotel staff has withheld the actors and Nikita is one of the people kept hostage by the hotel.

An utterly awful act and incident, it has led to the most inconvenience for Nikita and the actress has turned to the media voicing out her issues. “This is just not done, we are being kept here against our wills and to no fault of ours. This kind of behavior in a democracy is just shocking and disgusting. Being treated as some hostages who will be returned only after money is paid makes us feel angry and upset.”

Nikita Rawal was last seen in her song ‘Shy Shy Dil’ and looked utterly gorgeous in a seductive yellow dress and lit the song on fire with her on point poses and expressions. Nikita had definitely given us an amazingly hot avatar in this song directed by Sayan Roy and Yash Wadali , and sung in the voice of Singer Jotshna.

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