Posted on July 20, 2022 at 10:59 pm

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Mattel’s Newest Barbie Doll: An Indian Businesswoman

Every little girl’s wish has always been to have a sizable collection of Barbie dolls. However, Barbie dolls have a look that only meets a particular set of selective beauty criteria. The dolls have the same appearance—fair skin, blonde hair, and slim figures—and have had it for a while. In 1980, the first Black Barbie made her debut, and now an Indian Barbie has arrived to astound everyone.

The first Indian Barbie was made by Barbie doll manufacturer Mattel in partnership with Deepica Mutyala, the CEO and founder of Live Tinted cosmetics line.  She posted some images of the 2022 doll rocking a pantsuit and jhumkas on Instagram. She wore bangles as well.



In the caption, Deepica Mutyala wrote,“Meet 2022’s Barbie. Her skin is TINTED, her eyes big, and brows bold. She wears her jhumkas & bangles proud with her power suit. She is ready to take on the world. Her identity is hers. She breaks cultural barriers; aims high with intention. Leads with empathy & kindness. A fearless go-getter with a deep desire to make an impact in the world. She’s a CEO. THIS is the new Barbie.” 


“Our dream collab with THE BARBIE is here just in time for Women’s History Month. HUGE shoutout to the @barbiestyle. team for creating this one-of-a-kind doll to celebrate our collab! It was so important to me for young girls out there to see a South Asian American Barbie, paving her own path and turning her dreams into a reality by unapologetically being herself,” the caption continues.


“Just in time for Women’s History Month, we have our long-awaited collaboration with THE BARBIE. A HUGE thank you to the @barbiestyle team for making this unique doll to commemorate our collaboration! It was crucial to me that young girls saw a South Asian American Barbie forging her own path and realizing her aspirations by being authentically herself,” the caption continues to say.


The brand-new Indian Barbie was adored by online users, who flooded the comments area with their enthusiasm.
“This is incredible”, one user exclaimed.
“OMG, my fantasy came true,” said another person.

What do you think about this new Barbie?

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