Posted on March 17, 2022 at 12:50 pm

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India Brings Seven Titles Home After Competing At Queen Of The World!

The Queen of The World pageant has grabbed a lot of eyeballs for being a one of its kind, inclusive platform for women from all walks of life. With its focus being on women of today, what makes the pageant truly special is that it does not have any age bracket, and instead of making it about one’s appearance, it caters to a 360 degree approach.

Queen of the World

Representing India at the global platform were women who personify beauty with brains, namely Miss India Gitika Karwa, Ms. India Krishangee Gauree, Mrs. India Rohini Mathur, and Elite Mrs. India Dr Reshma Jhaveri. And on the final day in the USA, India has emerged victorious with not just one or two, but seven titles.

Talking about the same, National Director Queen of the World India Urmimala Boruah said, ”As someone who truly stands for inclusivity and empowering women, I think our win is big, and I feel absolutely proud to be able to have achieved what we did, together. I am extremely honored to be a part of something like QOTW and not just being a part of it, but leading from the forefront. All our representations have truly done a fabulous job and I believe that this is just a start for all of us and we have a long way to go.”

Krishangee, who emerged as the first runner up at Ms. Queen of the World, went on to say, ”This journey has been anything but wholesome for me, and I believe that when women set their heart at something, they always come victorious. Everyone who represented their countries at a pageant, is truly a winner in my eyes.”

Dr. Reshma, who not only emerged as the 2nd runner up for Elite Mrs. Queen of the World, but also won the award for Best in Talent and Best Director, mentioned, ”I feel grateful for all that every one of us has achieved throughout the QOTW pageant, and I believe that this is one of the biggest steps in a right direction. I hope to continue my association with QOTW is whatever capacity, and be a part of the pageant in whatever capacity they will have me.”

Rohini, the 3rd runner up for the title of Mrs. Queen of the World, and also won the award for best in Fashion, said, ”I truly live fashion, and I am glad that I got a chance to do more of that through QOTW pageant.”

Lastly, Gitika, who was competing for Miss Queen of the World, and also won the ‘Most Valuable Contestant of the Pageant’ award added, ”The entire experience at QOTW has been wholesome for me and I am sure, same is the cast for everyone else too. To be able to represent the country at such a huge platform is something I will forever count as my blessing.”

The event kickstarted on 7th March and the grand finale took place on March 12, 2022 in Morristown New Jersey, USA.

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