Posted on July 6, 2020 at 12:31 pm

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Rahul Sathu and Raftaar Thoda Music Video Officially Out Now!

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Rahul Sathu & Raftaar – Thoda

Rahul Sathu and Raftaar Thoda Music Video Officially Out Now

Exclusive Release: Rahul Sathu and Raftaar have officially released their music video for Thoda! The lockdown anthem ‘Thoda’ has made it’s way to our screens. Singer Rahul Sathu and rapper Raftaar came together with Nas Khan and Kunaal Vermaa to give a little boost to our quarantine diaries.

The duo came together to create a masterpiece called ‘Thoda’. Rahul gave his fans a miniature teaser during the lockdown period. Fans were eagerly awaiting to update their playlists with this anthem.

The Thoda Release

‘Thoda’ emulates romance in a Hip Hop, R&B style with a melodic Bollywood twist on it. The song brings forth memories and certainly has people on their feet! The song has a vibrant tone to it with the sensational skill of Rahul‘s voice and Raftaar throwing mad lyrics! What a dynamic duo.

Above all, just when you thought an audio was all you needed, the music video dropped earlier this month. The music video for ‘Thoda’ dropped on the 2nd of July. It has already gotten over 2 million views on Youtube!

The music video includes Rahul Sathu showing us his killer style of drip. He shows us the story behind it all with some romance and an aesthetically pleasing escape to a world we all want. The cars, the location, night life surprises and more! It surely shows the joy of music and the creation behind it all.

Unfortunately Raftaar was not able to feature in the official video because of lockdown but Rahul has added a certain surprise in the video! The song is definitely a hit!

A song worth streaming countless of times and updating your playlist worthy of a favourite. I know I am most certainly playing it on a loop, envisioning a life of pleasure and love!

So, what is a world without romance and good music? Non-existent and this dynamic duo Rahul Sathu and Raftaar certainly know how to keep us all ready for a timeless jam!

If you haven’t yet seen the music video, we got you! Watch it below:

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