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Sri Rao’s Bollywood Kitchen: Culinary School Meets Film School!

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Bollywood Kitchen by Sri Rao brings perfectly paired recipes along with movie reviews for the soulful cooking and dining experience. The book is written by Sri Rao who is a writer-director-producer in New York City. He has been a successful television screenwriter for over a decade, in both comedy and drama.

In Bollywood kitchen, Rao introduces readers to the best contemporary Indian Cinema, and with each film pairs a menu of home-cooked recipes. Much like Indian food, Bollywood films are a “symphony of flavors.” The selection of films Sri Rao has curated provides a comprehensive overview of all the major genres, milestones in Indian Cinema. As the first American-born writer to have written a major Bollywood film, Rao considers the industry his “bloodline” and will school readers on all things Bollywood.

The illustrated book has brief movie reviews and recipes interspersed with glossy photographs from Bollywood movies.

He says,

The book where the culinary school meets the film school.

Sri Rao’s cookbook Bollywood Kitchen bring Bollywood and Indian food together in one book. It covers two vibrant aspect of an Indian’s life that keeps them going; the food and the films.

Sri Rao adds,

Indian Food is like Indian film-
Bold, colorful and way over the top.

The author shared the memories of his childhood adding a very personal touch to the book. Growing up in America was not easy he says. There was nothing Indian, but the food in the kitchen and India on television. Author adds,

In Bollywood Kitchen, I invite you to a party where the food and entertainment are both in Technicolor

The conventional photos absolutely precipitate the look and taste of vibrant Indian culture in food and films.

Author adds,

“I learned that when you are Indian, emotions and taste can be dramatic”.

Many recipes within the book are reasonably clear for a novice user. The recipes are quick & easy to make, not to mention delicious!
A quick interesting read for date night dinners and lunches! The book is available online at

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