Posted on December 5, 2017 at 6:18 am

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The Reason: A Short Film that Takes You On An Introspective Journey

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No matter how many small joys we are confronted with, as human beings, we always crave and wish for bigger achievements. We plan bigger and work harder. When we fail to attain our goal, we move on to finding faults in other things and people. Ultimately, it is all fair because we are human. Does this silently equate to calling our kind weak-minded?

The Reason
The Reason

Written & Directed by Dolly Saxena, The Reason is an Art film that employs symbolic representations of distractions to portray a person’s struggle to find the reasons behind his own unsuccessful life.


The film symbolically showcases an individual’s strife of life and his fight against his fate. The narrative revolves around the protagonist’s efforts in searching for the real and core reason behind all his failures. This time he is adamant at boldly facing the distractions that come his way and continues to step forward. Unlike all other times, he doesn’t give up and finally arrives at his milestone only to find the actual reason for his failures.


Produced by Dhiraj Chaurasia and Dolly Saxena, watch The Reason to find answers to such questions that pop into your head time and again. We all have been there in situations like these when we see more failures and have no answers for them. You could find your truth with The Reason.

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