Posted on May 9, 2021 at 4:53 pm

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Meenakshi Sagar on the #MythsOfMotherhood

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Meenakshi Sagar discusses the #MythsOfMotherhood

In today’s Mother’s Day special, Meenakshi Sagar discusses the #MythsOfMotherhood.

First things first, what was the hardest thing you had to unlearn upon becoming a mother?

“The hardest thing to unlearn was that a mother is not always right. Sometimes the children can also be correct (though I never admit it to Sakshi *laughs*). So it is perfectly okay to learn from your children.”

Secondly, if you were only able to imbue your child one life lesson, what would it be?

“Love yourself first.”

Lastly, what message would you like to give out this Mother’s Day?

“To all mothers out there, let the children follow their dreams. Be the wind beneath their wings and encourage your children to make that dream of theirs come true, no matter what. You will be the happiest when you see them fly so high.”

Well there you go folks, that’s our special on the #MythsOfMotherhood. Tell us how you celebrated Mother’s Day. We’d love to hear your responses. Till then, keep reading UrbanAsian and we shall be back with another article soon.

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