Posted on May 9, 2021 at 11:17 pm

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Mother’s Day: Celebs share their fondest memories of their moms

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This Mother’s Day, celebrities shared the things they learned from their mothers and also a gift they would want to give their moms. Here’s what they had to say:

Nitin Kumar Gupta
Nitin Kumar Gupta with his mother

Nitin Kumar Gupta: My mother is a businesswoman and a homemaker. She taught me that empathy, honesty, and perseverance are the three things that can make one successful in any aspect of life. She also teaches me to always spread joy. My message to her is that she will always live on in the hearts of all those she touches. My trips to Thailand with my mom are most memorable. We as a family spent weeks doing nothing except going to the beach, swimming, and sipping on coconuts under the umbrella, without a care in the world. I would love to gift her countless more lazy carefree moments like these!

Chandni Soni
Chandni Soni with her mother

Chandni Soni: The most important thing my mother has taught me is to believe in myself. She gave me the strength and courage to dream big and instead of telling me to shatter the glass ceiling, she told me that there is no glass ceiling for me and that I can achieve anything in the world with my hard work and perseverance. It’s because of that self-belief that she instilled in me that a small town girl like me could imagine of making it big in the entertainment industry. On Mother’s Day, I would like to thank my mother for believing in me and giving me the wings to fly. My fondest memory of childhood is cooking with her when she would narrate me the stories of woman achievers. That time I just heard it for fun but subconsciously she was teaching me to aspire and achieve.

Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra with his mother

Amit Mishra: Mothers are so important that they are even compared to God. My mom is my first teacher and I have learned many things from her but the most valuable things I learned from her is to never give up. I have always seen her calm even in situations where a person might loose his or her cool. This Mother’s Day, I want to tell her that whatever teachings I have learned from her I have spent it in the welfare of society. One of the fondest memory of my mother is that during one of the sports day, I lost a race and was very disappointed but my mother came to me and said, ‘Don’t worry. You will always be my champ, concentrate on your next goal. We must not stop.’ And I felt so good hearing such encouraging words.

Jamin Bhasin
Jasmin Bhasin with his mother

Jasmin Bhasin: My mother has taught me a lot of things but the three most important ones are love, empathy and never give up attitude. My fondest memory with her is that as a child I was afraid to cross a lane in my city on the way to the gurudwara and wanted to change my way, she told me how many lanes will you change by being afraid, you need to face it and teach that boy a lesson so that he stops intimidating you. And it became a life lesson for me.

Rajit Dev
Rajit Dev with her mother

Rajit Dev: The good thing I’ve learned from my mother is to never give up and be patient. She’s been a fighter throughout. I want to tell her that she’s the most special person in my life and I’m thankful to her for giving me the right knowledge and motivating me to be the person I am. Words can’t describe the way I love my mother. My fondest memory is when I was a kid I used to keep my head on my mom’s hand and hold her thumb, only then I could sleep. I sometimes do that now too. It makes me feel safe. If everything is fine I would want to go and meet my mom in Kerala this Mother’s Day. For her that will be the best gift according to me.

Ajay Kumar Singh
Ajay Kumar Singh with his mother

Ajay Kumar Singh: Whenever you get hurt the first thing that comes out from your mouth is Maa. For me, my mother is my god, and there is nothing more important than her in my life. Her love is pure and selfless. She understands everything that is going inside her child without even them telling it. Life is nothing without a mother. My mother has taught me that everything happens on the right time and to never lose patience. My fondest memory with her would be that as a kid I would go around the whole house with her, I used to never leave her alone, even when she insisted, I would always be found next to her.

Delnaaz Irani
Delnaaz Irani with her mother

Delnaaz Irani: One thing that I have learned from my mother is discipline and to keep a very positive attitude. That has always been my mother’s strength. She is a fighter, a strong woman, and knows how to handle every situation with a smile. Her jest and her attitude for life is amazing. She is 78 now, but she wakes up early in the morning and goes to the gym. She has a very disciplined life. I have always led my life like her, being disciplined, being on time, giving my 100 percent, whether it’s your work or relationship. All this has come from the upbringing my parents gave me.

I have so many fond memories with mom as a child. We all are Bollywood movie buffs. We used to watch movies together and she used to go to all my elocution competitions with me. She has been a part of my journey throughout. From school to college days to starting my work and in theaters, she has accompanied me to every single show of mine. As we grew up we became friends. There has not been a single day when I haven’t called up my mom. My gift to her is that I will pray for her good health. I want her to be healthy and do her own thing at 78 and be strong physically, emotionally and mentally. She is perfect and I just want to be like her.

Mrunal Jain
Mrunal Jain with his mother

Mrunal Jain: My mom has taught me to be positive in life; that after every rejection, you should understand that there is something better coming in your life. To never give up on your dreams. Every Mother’s Day I tell her that I love her a lot, but this year I will also promise to give more of my time to her. My fondest memory is not a good one; it was when my mom used to drop me back to my hostel. She used to cry while leaving me. It was so sad and I used to get see her just 4-5 times in a year – that too for day or two. As a gift, I promise to give her a house within next year.

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