Posted on July 27, 2020 at 6:24 pm

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Roosha Chatterjee dishes an inside look on becoming an actress

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We had a chat with actress Roosha Chatterjee from It’s Complicated about her career and why she became an actress.

1) How did your story begin with acting? What drew you to this career?

Well I just finished my 10th boards and was waiting for my results. My father got to know there is an audition going on for a daily soap. He asked me if I was interested and if I want to go for an audition. I said I will go for an audition but I had no experience in acting before. During my school days I used to participate in a lot of co-curricular activities like dance and I was a sports freak but never acted. So it was a whole new chapter for me. Went for my audition , they gave me a situation and they said just have a  conversation with the Assistant Director. I Did my audition and they liked it. Called me for a workshop. Got selected and my acting career started from there.

The thing that drew me to this world was that I could be someone else. I mean every character that I play I can be someone else. I am not Roosha then I am that character and it was magical for me. How many can really say that my work revolves around playing different people. I find this very interesting. And this world is a magical land for me. That’s what drew me here.

Roosha Chatterjee
Roosha Chatterjee

2) What has been your favorite piece of work so far?

Every work that I have been in I have had different experiences. And every character that I have played I loved them. So I really can’t choose any. Till date all the projects that I have been involved in is my favorite.

3) If you weren’t acting, what would you be up to right now?

Well right now it’s tough to say because I can’t see myself anywhere else apart from this industry. But when I was young I really wanted to be an Air Force officer.

4) What’s the most useless & different talent you have?

I can dance. I love playing basketball. And I am a 2nd degree black belt holder in taekwondo. These are my good sides.
And my useless talent is I love to sleep a lot. I am lady kumbhkaran. I can literally sleep a lot.

Roosha Chatterjee
Roosha Chatterjee

5) Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? How do you suggest defeating it?

I have had performance anxiety a lot. And it takes a bad toll on me. But I really fall back to my directors during this phase. Because it’s only my directors who would understand me. And I always look to my directors to say or a gesture to assure me that the shot I delivered was liked by them. And I have always been lucky that I have got wonderful directors to work with.

6) Best accomplishment during filming of It’s Complicated?

The Impromptu part of an actor is very important and after it’s complicated I can say I have been a better actor now. Everyone of us who were associated with It’s Complicated can say they have found a different side of their talent.

Roosha Chatterjee
Roosha Chatterjee

7) Who were you most inspired by in your career and life?

The very first mentor in my life. He taught me everything that I know and the person that I have grown up to is because of his many lessons RAVI OJHA sir. He truly inspired me. Wherever he is I hope I have made him proud and will continue marking him proud.

8) Any advice for aspiring actresses?

Believe in yourself. There will be many hurdles in life but achievement and talent can’t be stopped. I have a favorite quote “you are never wrong to do the right thing” by Mark Twain. Believe.

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