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Meet Novoneel Chakraborty A National Bestseller Romantic Thriller Novelist

Meet Novoneel Chakraborty A National Bestseller Romantic Thriller Novelist

Forever is a Lie, a novel that is so addicting that you would want to finish it before you do anything else. The story is wild and exotic at the same time. It doesn’t take very long to build excitement. As the book progresses? You want to know what happens next. I had questions after reading this novel. So, we interviewed the brilliant writer Novoneel Chakraborty to find out more.

How did you become a story writer?
Looking back, I think I fall into one of those who wasn’t a born writer but destined to be one. Since my standard tenth exams, the situations of my life started happened in such a manner that it almost made me arrive at ‘being a writer’ if I may put it that way.

How long did it take you to write your first book?

It took me a good 15 months from the time I conceived the book to the time I finished it to my satisfaction.

The stories you write have any sort of relationship to real life?

From my first book itself, I have maintained a mix of reality and imagination in all my works. I don’t like to pen down the exact reality doesn’t matter how much it inspires me. I try to fine tune it to accentuate the drama in it and to add onto my ‘author’ persona to it so that whatever I write as an overall exclusive style to it.

Let us about the character “mean monster” in your novel Forever Is A Lie. Is that a made up character?
The core character of ‘mean monster’ was straight out of a self-destructive phase which I had personally encountered at one point in time. To bring the ‘mean monster’ aka Saveer Rathod face to face with Prisha who belonged to a completely different world was something which excited me as a storyteller.

What is more difficult? Writing a story or editing it?

As they say ‘kill your darlings’ so I would say editing is comparatively more challenging emotionally than writing since in the former you can’t afford to go with the flow. Even if you are attached with a scene, some moments or plot points but in the end if they don’t add up anywhere to the overall scheme of things they need to go. It becomes heartbreaking at times to let go of certain moments which were once very dear to you when you were writing it.

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Have you ever went back during the editing process and thought about what were you thinking? Share a moment…
I would site an example from my latest novel ‘Half Torn Hearts’ where there was a particular scene when the protagonists, Raisa and Nirmaan, were in Bhubaneshwar which would have been a hallmark in their relationship but while editing (redrafting) I realized the scene would lead the reader’s mind towards someplace else where I don’t want them to go and eventually edited it out even though favorite one my favourite moments in the book.

What was the process of publisihing your first novel? Was it a struggle?

The struggle, I guess, was the one which probably every storyteller goes through. Sending manuscripts all the publishers that you can send to, getting rejected and then getting accepted by one. This is pretty much the standard struggle for anyone who wants to get his or her book out there in front of the public. Since I was young I think I was more indomitable and hence the rejections never made me feel low.

If you were not a writer?
A footballer for sure.

What do you do when you are not writing and besides writing?
Since I’m a full time writer there’s very little that I do apart from writing. But I’m a movie buff so catching up on some interesting movies is always on my priority list if not writing.

Do you need set a certain mood to be able to write?
It used to be so till I became a professional writer and realized you can’t take your mood too seriously when there are deadlines waiting for you.

What is a regular day for you?
Eat. Think. Write. Social media a bit. Repeat.

Tell us about your upcoming projects..
I’m working on an erotic thriller and a psychological thriller novel together apart from penning some web series.

Some words for your fans and new writers….
Keep reading and keep your mind open to everything.

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