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Netflix has just released the main poster for its upcoming series Black Knight!

Netflix has just released the main poster for its upcoming series Black Knight, further raising excitement for the worldwide premiere on May 12th.

The revealed poster captures delivery men who go beyond delivering oxygen and daily necessities and have become Black Knights who are responsible for the survival of mankind. At the center of the image is the character 5-8, played by top Korean star Kim Woo-bin, wearing all black and surrounded by others in matching face masks and uniform.


Photo Credit: Netflix PR
Photo Credit: Netflix PR
Photo Credit: Netflix PR
Photo Credit: Netflix PR

Kim Woo-bin (star of Our Blues, Uncontrollably Fond, and The Heirs) sheds light on the significance of the title Black Knight, explaining that these individuals are no ordinary deliverymen. “During the day, they deliver parcels. But at night, they aid refugees and collaborate to create a harmonious existence for all.” Director Cho Ui-seok emphasizes the uniqueness of this group, adding, “Among everyday deliverymen, only a select few join this organization, making ‘Black Knight’ the perfect moniker for them.”


The stellar cast, including Kim Woo-bin, Song Seung-heon, Kang You-seok, and Esom (star of Kill Boksoon), reveals that their decision to join the project was heavily influenced by their faith in Director Cho Ui-seok. From the fascinating premise of delivery men as saviors, to the thrilling script with a touch of sci-fi, each actor found something compelling in the story that drew them to the series. Below their comments:


  • Kim Woo-bin,”Reuniting with director Cho Ui-seok after Master was an exciting prospect. The intriguing scenario presents a future that might even take place, making it even more compelling.”

  • Song Seung-heon,”The intriguing universe and my unwavering trust in the director made this project irresistible.” 

  • Kang You-seok,”The script was great — that incredible scale with a sci-fi taste, and the charm of Sa-wol’s character.”

  • Eseom,”Deliverymen, once ordinary figures in our lives, now hold the key to humanity’s survival.”

(In order from top left to bottom – Song Seung-heon plays Ryu Seok, the heir to the founder of Cheonmyeong group,Kang You-seok plays Sa-wol left and Esom plays Seol-ah)


The breathtaking world of Black Knight unveils on May 12th, only on Netflix.


Title: Black Knight

Based on: Webtoon ‘Delivery Knight’ (written by Lee Yoon-gyun)

Directed by: Cho Ui-seok

Written by: Cho Ui-seok

Starring: Kim Woo-bin, Song Seung-heon, Kang You-seok, Esom etc.

Produced by: PROJECT318

Distributed by: Netflix

Date: May 12, 2023


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