Posted on October 20, 2023 at 3:30 am

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Rinku Dhawan supports Jigna Vora after press conference in the Bigg Boss house

For the first time, in history, there was a press conference for an existing inmate inside the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss 17 has one of the most famous crime journalists – Jigna Vora – in the house and the organisers arranged a press conference for her.

Photo Courtesy Rinku Dhawan Team
Photo Courtesy Rinku Dhawan Team


It helped her come out with her side of the story in front of the world. Bigg Boss called all the housemates in the living area and said, “Today in the history of Bigg Boss for the first time an individual contestant will have a press conference”. Jigna shared her struggle and tough times she had inside jail, which made her emotional. And once she got back to the house, she got a lot of encouragement from Rinku Dhawan.

Rinku told Jigna how proud she felt for her and how singlehandedly Jigna had faced everything. Rinku and Jigna both are currently doing kitchen duties and feeding the Bigg Boss inmates with lots of good food. That’s also the reason they both connect well. We could see their camaraderie while working in the kitchen.

Last night we also saw a strong side of Rinku Dhawan when Khanzaadi unnecessarily started arguing with her while she was making rotis for the contestants.

Rinku stated that either she will stay in the kitchen or else Khanzaadi will. Soniya came out in support and politely said that Rinku will stay.

Though Rinku is silent in the house, she always cares for other inmates. Though busy in the kitchen, when it’s needed we will always see her in action!

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